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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here and we got some BIG news!

What's up everybody! We here at Shirt Flavor wanna give you guys some updates and news of what we've been up to.

To start off we added a bunch of new designs in our t-shirt collections, starting with our Streetwear x Sneakerwear collection, Throwbacks - Movies x TV x Music collection, ALL NEW Crypto Collection and finally our Gaming collection.

On top of the new t-shirts we are going to be adding some matching shorts for certain designs to make a whole outfit match that much better. We are also going to be adding some embroidered hats including snapbacks and bucket hats that will really make the whole outfit go crazy!

As far as some smaller details, we have been working our butts off on getting Shirt Flavor to show up more prevalent in all the popular search engines. Which means when you search certain keywords on the search engines, Shirt Flavor will start popping up on the front page. It might not seem like a big deal to yall but for us this is HUGE. We know we don't have any socials yet but we're working on it, however in the mean time if you would like to receive some cool merch from us we would be happy to send you free t-shirts or whatever is catching your eye on the store just for you making a social post for Shirt Flavor. If you are interested just go to our contact page and send us a message stating that you want to do a social media post and we will get back to you asap.

Here is the links to the t-shirt collections which have the new designs.