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More Updates

Updates - Updates - Updates!

Yes, we are updating the store as we speak and will continue to update until we can't. So, as you may have noticed since the holiday blog post we have revamped the menu while continuing to add more shirt and hoodie designs. On top of the new tee's and hoodies we've added, we are also going through each product and adjusting the sizes as premium shirts now are offered in 5xl. We also decided to add some more product pictures to show different views of each t-shirt or hoodie so you can get a better view to help you make a sound decision.

We are going to continue to work on the store and continue to update as much as we can to make Shirt Flavor a place you want to visit for the most exclusive tshirts and hoodies out online. Again we thank you for your continued support throughout the past couple of years as we've worked extremley hard to make our store a place you want to visit.


Thanks again, Your friends at Shirt Flavor